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A powerful, three-day workshop to give you the tools you need to pinpoint what you want, annihilate what’s in the way, and actually (this stinking time) make it happen!

2018 Compass Series: Beyond the Resolutions™

Sure, you can willpower yourself into following a New Year’s Resolution for a few weeks, but what about actual, quantifiable, long term results? According to Forbes Magazine*, willpowering the way through things does not work long term for 92% of those who make New Year’s Resolutions. 92%!


Hold on: what if you have the right plan and the right tools to get the job done for yourself, get exactly what you want, and in a way that fits with your life now?

Pay attention here: this distinction is key. We see folks regularly putting on some variation of let’s do some visioning for the new year new age feel good hang out workshop crap thingy, with ridiculous promises. Maybe you’ve already tried one or two or fifteen of those.


Did any of them work over the long term? Did you use cutting edge scientifically proven tools to create the deep, lasting shift you want? Or did it feel like something invisible was always standing in your way, preventing you from getting to your successful career, your thriving business, your big success and income you’ve worked so hard for?


We designed our (re)Connect workshop to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your career, your business, and then connect you to your real talent, your real resources. We mean business and we mean money—your business and your money. We’re going to hit the ground running, use our most powerful tools—from NLP (tools Anthony Robbins’ uses) to Progressive EFT™ (tools professional athletes use to deal with performance issues) to maybe even a bit of Family Constellation (tools for group dynamics) thrown in for good measure. We will work in a big group together, break down into dyads and triads, work 1-on-1, work with TA’s, all the while drilling down down down to you you you, This is about getting rid of what is standing in your way and then charting your course.


When you finish this workshop, you’ll leave—not only with a pretty sweet bag of tools—but with your inner GPS primed for success as well as an action plan for your best year yet. Imagine the confidence to nail that interview for your dream job, the freedom to plan an exotic vacation without worrying about the cost, the joy of moving into the beautiful home you’ve always wanted, the fulfillment of waking up each day excited, loving your career, and knowing that you’re living the life you’ve designed and created for yourself.

Alex says...

            What a great weekend! I learned so much and it feels good to shed the tension I've been holding onto all these years! I had no idea what I was dragging around. I've already noticed a shift and I'm catching myself making assumptions and heading into negative thinking. Tools: tap, tap, tap...


You are such a beautiful team, inside and out, and it was really a blessing to meet all of you. Thank you for the time and energy you all poured into this workshop!


Ahh, cheers to a lighter life!


Laura Schmit

Was 2017 a year of falling short? Falling short on money…career advancement…time? Too much noise going on around you to focus and make your career a priority—or trying to focus and not really getting anywhere? Were your January 2017 resolutions choked out somewhere between getting the car to the shop and figuring out dinner each night? Sometime Springish and well before Summer?


What is your plan to seriously make it happen this year, no excuses?

Do you have one? Is it any different than the one you had last year, i.e. try harder, focus, motivate yourself somehow (!), I can do this, blah blah blahdie blah…?

And yes, you read that word right: work. Let’s be clear: it’s going to take your commitment, your focus, your courage, and your kickass frame of mind. It’s up to you to show up and join us doing the work. It’s a pretty fast pace and we ask that you show up ready: ready to dig in and get to work, ready to work in a group, by yourself, and one-on-one with TAs and other attendees, ready to get this done already, and finally, ready to make it happen. We are going to show up ready—are you?


2018 is the year. Now is the time. Join us live in our Alameda, California Training Center (SF Bay Area) or via livestream for an incredible weekend of kicking ass and making 2018 the year I Finally Get What I Want In My Career And Business. A total career and money makeover for the cost of a latte a week. Hello.

Not in California? Not a problem. We offer a livestream option so you don’t miss a minute of the action. Join us live from the comfort of your own home as we train, lead exercises, set you up with virtual dyad partners, and get some serious stuff done—and all minus travel and hassle.

Go ahead and take the leap with us into a future you design. Get 2017 underway with the right sort of bang.

Sounds crazy or impossible? Nope, not even close.

Those are only a few of the results we’ve seen using these tools with our clients—and ourselves. We can’t wait to celebrate your victories next!

Laura says...

*Work Cited

Diamond, D. (2013, January 1). Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions. Here's How They Do It. Retrieved from forbes.com: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dandiamond/2013/01/01/just-8-of-people-achieve-their-new-years-resolutions-heres-how-they-did-it/

   Thank you for your fabulous workshop!! I have been feeling truly great ever since early Sunday afternoon. I can see so much farther all of a sudden after months of being in a thicket.


Your dynamism, humour, compassion, wonderful demonstrations, challenges, and profound commitment to this work touch me to my core and lift me up, and help me be all I can be too!


Alex M.

 get yourself into the green 

SIDENOTE: If you’re looking for pie-in-the-sky promises—like making more money in a week than all of last year combined while you’re sleeping—this is NOT for you. Stop reading now and get back to your game console | dance class | workout | bingo night. Seriously. We are so not doing that.


This 3-day workshop is about the nuts and bolts, the step by step. It’s a practical journey through what you had, what you lost or kicked to the curb, why you still don’t have the career | business | income you want. We deal with the things holding you back, and then work systematically thru them to connect you to your 2018 goal. Inside the 3 days, you will use cutting edge change tools we’ve discovered, tools that will remake you from the inside out. You will address the challenges you face with us in several ways, each step building on each other, layer by layer.


The cost for (re)Connect is $495. In the spirit fresh starts, determination and focus, we’re offering you a better deal.

SUPER EARLY BIRD price is $245

until 11:59pm PST 10/15/17

25 spots—this workshop always sells out



Sturday + Sunday, 9.00am – 6pm PST



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TRAINER Tess Pierson

2018 Compass Series: Beyond the Resolutions™


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