I think of you so often and how what you taught me serves my clients so well. I am so grateful for all the shortcuts -- especially Reversals -- that help me clear issues in one or two sessions instead of the 6 or 8 another Practitioner would take.


And the Golden Gate Technique is so amazingly effective. The ripple effect caused by the Pro EFT™ tapping techniques and innovations is immeasurable.


Do you ever think about that? With all the people you have taught, and the clients they've worked with, and the people they've taught the Pro EFT™ methods to, and the clients those people have worked with, and all the friends and family in between.... whew! It's really pretty mind-blowing.


Janet Hilts,

EFT Level 3 Practitioner

          The Practitioner's Intensive Training I attended this year  (2013) was an absolutely amazing experience! I was busy, tired, and overloaded with my life and thought I did not have time for the course. I had heard how great it was, though, so I decided to go ahead and attend.


The magic started from the beginning of day one. As I learned and practiced with classmates, deep inner healing started. By the end of the training, I felt totally re-empowered, recharged, and refreshed! I can't thank you enough for the love and support, as well as Pro EFT™ and my loving classmates! I recommend the program to everyone, regardless of your profession! I feel so blessed and grateful!  




Our upcoming Coaches and Practitioner's Training and Certification Program starts again in September 2018. This is a 180 hour, one-year program taught once a year via our live interactive online classroom, and is 25 days. Over 25 Progressive EFT™ techniques and tools are taught, along with the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching, with a focus on the client and building the client relationship and client skillset. An ongoing Study Group along with monthly MasterMinds, monthly Mentorship, Coaching Trades, and a Coaching Practicum are essential components of your experience in this Coach training program. You will learn at the experiential level, via live demonstrations and practice in small groups of two or three. We make sure there is sufficient time to practice what you are learning with over 40% of our classroom time dedicated to supervised practice with classmates.

Pro EFT™ Tapping Blueprint™; Reversals, Resource Tapping™; Tapping points; Muscle Testing; Golden Gate™ Parts 1-3; Aspects and Facets, Simple Issues; Assessments; Bundling; Reflecting; Limiting Belief Clusters; Complex Issues; Ultimate Truth Statement™; Tapping Tree™; Prosperity Tree™; Tower of Shame™ Parts I and II; Inner Dialogue™; Gamut Lock™





Intro Session, Discovery Session, Design the Alliance Session, Well Formed Outcome, Three Levels of Listening, Powerful Questions, Active Listening, Rapport Building, Identify Limiting Beliefs, Change Limiting Beliefs, 30-60-90, Holding the Space, In Between Coaching, 6 Stages of Change, Anatomy of a Session, Deepening Rapport, Limiting Beliefs, Holding Client Potential/Possibility, Safety and Risk, Preframe and Reframe, Accountability, Life Wheels, Mind Maps, Session Note Taking, Client Forms, Homework, Inquiry, Session Guide, Tapping Trees and Towers

Partners and Peers, The Big Dream, Marketing, Referral Network, Ideal Client, Specialization, Q+A Sunday Lunches; the Clock™


11 Core Competencies of Coaching, Coaching Ethics and International Standards, The Client Agreement, Creating Community; Session Note Taking; Walking Around the Rock;


        I have taken countless workshops and classes in my life, and the Progressive EFT Practitioner’s Intensive was one of the very best.  Although I've studied and taught EFT for years, those nine days of learning and tapping taught me so much, and gave me many opportunities to work on my own issues.  It was an extraordinary, life-changing and life-affirming experience.  I highly recommend it!


Dr. Kiya Immergluck

EFT Coach & Trainer,

Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner

Kiya says...

What is Progressive EFT™; Differences Between Pro EFT™ and traditional EFT; The Body’s Energy System: Effect of Negative Emotions on the Body’s Energy System; Muscle Testing and Pro EFT™; The Pro EFT™ Tapping Blueprint™; Reversals™; The Golden Gate Technique™ Parts I - III; Resource Tapping™; Gamut Lock™.

MOD 1: Foundations of Pro EFT™: The Tapping Blueprint™

4 Live Sessions Evaluated by Certification Board of Pro EFT™ Master Practitioners; Written Exam


MOD 12: Board Certification

MOD 10: Pro EFT™ and Creating the Future

The Ultimate Truth Statement™ (UTS) Parts 1-4: Craft the Statement, Identify the Blocks, Eliminate the Blocks, Move into the Future

MOD 8: Advanced Client Coaching with Pro EFT™: Part ONE

The Purpose of the Discovery Session; The Discovery Session Outline; Measurable Action Plan; Enroll a New Client; Design the Coaching Alliance: Design the Alliance Session Outline, Set Up the Coaching Relationship + Contract, Weekly or Biweekly Coaching Session

MOD 6: Transforming Beliefs with Pro EFT™: Part ONE

Introducing Beliefs: The Magical Power of Beliefs, Ability-based Beliefs, Identity-based Beliefs, Noticing Beliefs; Two Types of Opposing Beliefs; The 3 Step Process to Transform a Belief; The Stories We Create; Tapping Tree™ I and II

Creating Awareness, Designing Actions; Planning and Goal Setting; Managing Progress and Accountability; Accountability; Forward the Action; Goal Setting and Planning; Holding the Client’s Agenda; Structure; Metaphors; Coaching Metaphors; Metaphors for Development; Transformational Vocabulary

MOD 4: Fundamentals of the Coaching Craft: Communicating Effectively  

What is—and Isn’t—Coaching?, How Does Coaching Differ From Other Professions?, Differences Between Coaching, Therapy, Role Distinctions; Description of Coaching; Coaching with the 11 Core Competencies; Roots of Coaching; Meeting Ethical Guidelines + Professional Standards, Establish the Coaching Agreement; The Life Balance Wheel; Questions to Explore the Wheel

MOD 2: Fundamentals of the Coaching Craft: Setting the Foundation

MOD 11: Program Review

MOD 3: Fundamentals of the Coaching Craft: Co-Creating the Relationship

Coaching Steps to Client’s Success; Intake Script; Establishing Trust + Intimacy, Coaching Presence; Mastering Powerful Questions; Backtrack Skills: Using Language to Backtrack Content; Simple Coaching Skills That Build Rapport; Building Rapport: Building and Deepening Rapport with Clients; 3 Levels of Listening

MOD 5: Fundamentals of the Coaching Craft: Facilitating Learning and Results  

Examples of Limiting Beliefs; Exploring Limiting Beliefs; Belief Clusters; Belief Cluster Exercise; Living in Alignment; The Change Formula; Eliciting and Identifying Beliefs; Supportive/Empowering Beliefs; Six Criteria for Empowering Beliefs; Crafting Supportive and Empowering Beliefs; Belief Self-Assessment; Tower of Shame™ parts I and II

MOD 7: Transforming Beliefs with Pro EFT™: Part TWO

Build + Deepen Rapport with Your Clients; Resource State for Problem Solving; The Four Stages of Experiential Learning; The Goal of Inner Alignment Model Work; Using the Inner Alignment Model, Coaching with 11 Core Competencies; Coaching Steps to Client’s Success; Prosperity Tree™ parts I and II

MOD 9: Advanced Client Coaching with Pro EFT™: Part TWO

Dana says...

Janet says...

Meena says... 

           Having just finished the first ever Progressive EFT™ Level 4 training course, I knew I must write my thoughts down regarding the journey I've recently been on.  


Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and wonderful trainer and coach, developed exciting innovations with Pro EFT™.  She took EFT and gave it such a boost! The Pro EFT™ processes and techniques make tapping an even more effective tool for people to use to make shifts in their lives, as well as make those shifts if they choose to get Certified and use it in their practices.


When I first heard Lindsay speak on one of the first Tapping World Summits, I was struck by her presence but didn’t really follow her closely after that.  


Fast forward a few months to a huge roadblock that came up on a big project.  After doing research to find a protocol or tool that might help, I landed on Youtube and found Lindsay’s video about Reversals™.  Turns out that was precisely the tool I was looking for!  Literally, within a couple of hours, I made the shifts I needed, and moved forward full speed on my project.  


I’ve been a raving fan of Lindsay’s ever since.  I am currently taking   ALL of the Pro EFT™ programs as well as the Board Certification program, and I'm on track to enter the Master Practitioner’s program in 2016, which is very exciting for my career as a coach.


I know I am learning from a Master at the top of her game, and am eternally indebted to Lindsay for all I have been able to learn from her, and the way it has affected my life.  


Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsay Kenny for taking what you learned and bringing it to the world!


Vicki Hurst

Life Coach

Certified Pro EFT™ Practitioner

            After careful research, I sought the best EFT training and teachers, and traveled to California to learn from EFT Master Lindsay Kenny.


I was deeply impressed with Lindsay’s innovative use of EFT, which she has developed into Pro EFT™. It offers both structured and simplified processes, essentially a blueprint to work with a variety of issues, simple to complex, which yield the most positive results efficiently.


Pro EFT™ works beautifully with my goal oriented focus and desire for clients to experience results, quickly.


Meena Ramaswami,


Certified Pro EFT™ Practitioner

Vicki says...


Complete Program Review of Mods 1 - 10;  Board Certification Preparation

As provided in California SB 577 (2002) covering complementary and alternative health care practitioners, the following information is provided: "Neither the Pro EFT™ Institute and the programs it offers nor those individuals involved in presenting the programs offered by the Pro EFT™ Institute are licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner."

The Craft of Coaching; Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Direct Communication; Acknowledgment; Articulate What’s Going On; Asking Permission; Being Constructive; Bottom Lining; Building Trust; Challenging; Championing; Chunking; Framing; Pre-framing; Inquiry; Intrude / Take Charge; More Powerful Questions; Requesting