Accompanying people on the journey to create an existence on this planet that they value and deserve makes me smile from the inside out. The Universe knew what it was doing when brought me the opportunity to learn, use, and share EFT and Pro EFT™ for myself and others. Laughter began to come frequently and easily as I overcame personal resistance to change in many areas of my life.


I added over 20 of Lindsay Kenny's Pro EFT™ tools and processes to my arsenal of energy-based tools and spiritual practices that I use with  clients. With the combination of personal progress, intensive classroom training, and clinical field experience, I now excel in bringing the Pro EFT™ Reversals™ technique into my client work. I guide them in building loving relationships within themselves, as well as those around them, and beyond.


I personally use bilateral meridian tapping every day to increase both mental clarity and physical stamina, which grants me great confidence in time management, daily success, and the ability to continue to step up to the plate in service to both individuals and large audiences.


I love the ability to walk my talk. My EFT & Pro EFT™ training at the Institute has supported me in engaging fully and meaningfully in all my activities, one deep breath at a time.


Ilana Kristeva, MPA

Vibrance Coach  

Self-Care Vigilante



Suzanne says...

           I took the Pro EFT Practitioner's Training in 2010, and was simply amazed by the effectiveness of the Pro EFT™ tools that were shared.  I always have high expectations, and most workshops I’ve been to are disappointing because they lack content or are poorly presented.  This is probably the first program that I have ever been to that I would recommend to anyone without hesitation.


If you’re on the website trying to figure out whether to take the Practitioner's Training Program: DO IT!  It will accelerate your work, and make your EFT practice (if you currently use EFT) at least 10 times more powerful and effective than it was before, or vault you to the ranks of highly effective practitioners (if you are new to tapping.).


I can’t even begin to describe how thrilled I am that I decided to take this training. All this, and we had so much fun, too!


Susanne R,


Our Coaches and Practitioner's Training and Certification Program (CPTP) starts again in September 2018. This is a 180-hour, 12 month Program taught once a year, and is 25 days in total. Over 25 Progressive EFT™ techniques and tools are taught, along with the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching, with a focus on extraordinary personal and client results, and building your practice. You may attend this Program either LIVE in person at our California campus near San Francisco, OR via our LIVE interactive online classroom for distance learners. This 12 month program goes well beyond the levels of traditional EFT, including important additional techniques with levels 4-10, and is taught in 12 modules.


We've been teaching Levels 1-3 since 2002 (Level 4 was added in 2013, Levels 5+6 in 2014, Levels 7+8 in 2015, Level 9 in 2016, and Level 10 in 2017), and we developed the Pro EFT™ Coaches and Practitioner's Certification Program here at PEI with the professional Coach Practitioner close in mind. It provides a direct path to becoming a proficient and well-grounded Board Certified Progressive EFT™ Coach Practitioner. As we move forward and continue the advancement of these wonderful tools, we reflect that in the progressive training at PEI. Our faculty members are on the cutting edge of the development of new techniques, led by the Founder of Pro EFT™ herself, Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master.  The Pro EFT™ Coaches + Practitioner's Certification Program is in-depth and hands-on—as well as fun, exciting and invaluable to your practice and professional growth. You will learn at the experiential level, via live demonstrations and practice in small groups of two or three. We make sure there is sufficient time to practice what you are learning with over 40% of our classroom time dedicated to supervised practice with classmates. We have Mentors in the form of our Pro EFT™ Master Practitioners and Professional Pro EFT™ Coach Practitioners present in the classroom for their invaluable support and experience. Additionally, we limit the size of our classes so every student receives that important individual one-on-one supervision.


This 25-day training series meets 12 times from September 2018 to August 2019  via our LIVE interactive online classroom. This Program goes far beyond the levels of traditional EFT, including important additional techniques with levels 4-10. Specific dates for each class are below. Please read carefully and contact us with any questions you may have.

CEUs for MFTs, RNs, LCSWs, and L.Ac.s

Logistics and details are sent to you once you register.

Only 25 seats available

          I am so happy, glad, thrilled! that I took the Practitioner's Training Program. I heard more than one person say that these days that we all spent together will be life altering, and I agree.


We've already started a Bay Area email list and we're planning to get together once a month to practice together and to keep our connection going. Just the friendships and connections alone made this class so worth it!


So....thank you, thank you, thank you! The ripples from this experience will continue on forever....


Sarah Wann

Ilana says...

Sarah says...

UPDATE: our 2017 CPTP is SOLD OUT!

Please note the dates below are the dates for our 2018 CPTP Program

update May 15: 5 seats left for 2018

Next, let's talk about making learning easy and efficient. We stay on top of the latest scientific research around learning here at the Institute, and use cutting edge techniques to support your success in this Program. Studies show again and again the best way to learn is to choose a mentor, and then model the specific skill or tool you want to learn and use from that mentor. This use of modeling not only takes years off the learning curve, it exponentially increases your understanding, and the immediacy of your ownership of a new skill set.


All of our trainers specifically use modeling as a neuro-success learning technique in our classrooms, and are trained to do so. The new skill or tool is modeled in front of the entire class, and then handed over to you to try it inside the training module weekend. This groundbreaking approach sets the framework for you try it and then immediately go back to your trainers to ask questions about any challenge you experienced during your initial use of the tool.


The ability to ask pertinent questions in the moment based on your own learning style is a tremendous asset that moves you forward on the path to mastering the new tapping and coaching skillset. This method of teaching continues to be wildly successful for our students and grads, and is used by everyone from Olympic athletes to CEOs. Welcome—you just joined their ranks with this learning technology!


We pride ourselves in graduating knowledgeable and skilled Coach Practitioners who are armed with the most advanced and efficient tapping and coaching techniques. This solid grounding in understanding via demonstration, modeling, and practice makes all the difference for our students in the real world—the client world. One of the comments we hear most often is how much our students learn from the training program and our unique Pro EFT™ techniques and solutions. Combining these skills with the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching is, quite simply, magical--for you and your clients.


Finally, our students find this program a wonderful place to do their own transformative work during the year they spend in the program. With the support of their trainers, one on one Mentor, the assigned coaching trades, and their peers, it's a safe place to focus on personal work while at the same time learning effective new tools that transform your client work. Both your professional and personal goals are discussed with your Mentor during your first session.

As provided in California SB 577 (2002) covering complementary and alternative health care practitioners, the following information is provided: "Neither the Pro EFT™ Institute and the programs it offers nor those individuals involved in presenting the programs offered by the Pro EFT™ Institute are licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner."

The dates below are the dates for our 2018 Program

UPDATE May 15: 5 seats left for 2018

While we start with traditional EFT and use it as a foundation, Pro EFT™ is innovative by our Founders design. The essence of Pro EFT™ is the many advanced techniques and tools starting with our specific framework or Tapping Blueprint™ that allows our students to understand and use it quickly in a natural and logical way.  The advanced techniques and tools then allow us grow wings and fly. Talk to any Pro EFT™ Practitioner or Coach who learned EFT and followed that with Pro EFT™--they will tell you the differences are amazing. The Pro EFT™ techniques inside the Coaching framework we also train you in make client work instinctive, relaxed, and natural.


Board Certification is a vital part of the CPTP. We developed the Pro EFT™ Board Certification for Practitioner's Program over several years, adding it to our curriculum in 2009 and then into the CPTP in 2014; at this point, over 500 Practitioners have graduated from the Program and are now Board Certified Pro EFT™ Practitioners and Coaches.


Why do we believe Board Certification is so important? It’s an extra process that a professional goes through to demonstrate extraordinary competency in a specialty area. Board Certified Pro EFT™ Coach Practitioners meet additional standards far beyond basic training | understanding | certification, and demonstrate expert understanding and the application of their knowledge. The Pro EFT™ Board Certification (Module 12 of the CPTP) is earned by passing a written exam and four oral assessments created and administered by the Member of the Board in his or her specialty.

CPTP 2018  

Module 1: Sept 6-9, 2018

Module 2: Oct 13+14, 2018

Module 3: Nov 10+11, 2018

Module 4: Dec 8+9, 2018

Module 5: Jan 12+13, 2019

Module 6: Feb  9+10, 2019

Module 7: Mar 9+10, 2019

Module 8:  Apr 13+14, 2019

Module 9:  May 18+19, 2019

Module 10: June 8+9, 2019

Module 11: July 13, 2019

Module 12: Aug 10+11, 2019

For Program tuition cost, payment options, as well as other questions, please send us an email to discuss joining the 2018 cohort with Tess Pierson, our Director of Training. Please note: all of our Training Programs require an application. Please send an email or give us a call to get an application and set up a time to discuss the Program you are interested in along with your goals. We make sure our Certification program is a great fit for you before we accept you into the Program.

          The training classes and program (Level 3 and Ultimate Practitioners Workshop) were so fantastic! I feel like I got 4-5 times the value from it that I paid for it.


And what a fabulous collection of goodies on our library and business resources pages! I can already see the benefits of the personal junk I cleared out in our practice dyads and demos.


Woo-hoooo! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Janet H.

Janet says...

          I wanted to thank you all so very much for all your energy, love, support, and effort during the Pro EFT™ Training Program. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and learned so much from all of you.


In the few days since I've been back in BC, I've used the Golden Gate Technique™, Bundling Baggage™, and/or The Ultimate Truth Statement with every client and my results have been quicker and more successful and more interesting than ever before.


Wow - and that's only in a few days of working with clients!


Annabel F.

EFT Practitioner and Trainer

Annabel says...

Nancy says...

          In my opinion, Pro EFT™ is one of the most hopeful and promising healing modalities on the planet.


Keep up the good work, you are all a gift to the world!


Nancy M.