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ALL of the Pro EFT™ Master Practitioners listed below have trained directly with Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and Pro EFT™ Founder. Each successfully completed the Practitioner Training Program, and were Board Certified Practitioners for several years before they were accepted into the Master Practitioners Training Program. where they all sat for Board Certification AGAIN. The MPTP is quite a challenging Training Program, and they were all up for it. They are a great group of talented and caring professionals from a variety of backgrounds and specialties who are extraordinarily proficient with meridian tapping techniques.


Choosing a Coach or Practitioner to work with is a very personal decision. We suggest that you visit a few websites and maybe chat with one or two before deciding who the best fit is for you. You will also find the answers any additional questions you have about fees or specialties on their personal sites, rather than below.


It's the twenty first century, and most Practitioner's and Coaches use the internet extensively (and sometimes exclusively) in their practices, so don't worry about location.  Finding the right Coach or Practitioner for your needs is far more important than finding someone close to home.


The Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner's are listed below in alphabetical order.

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for the success or disappointment of any of our referrals. By choosing to use a Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner or Pro EFT™ Practitioner listed on this site, you are agreeing to hold Lindsay Kenny and LK Enterprise harmless of any actions or consequences. (That sounds much worse than it is. No one has ever been harmed by Pro-EFT™, to our knowledge, and it's not likely to happen to you. But you do need to be responsible for and aware of your own choices.)





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Tracy says... 

     What a tremendous workshop it was! Here's what  I appreciate about the style of teaching: vivid and riviting story telling that illustrates the context and purpose of the exercise; compassionate and effective techniques that bust through limitations; riotous and poignant humor to lighten it all up.


Tracy M. 

UPDATE: 20 spots left