Our Pro EFT™ Institute Trainers come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, interests and education, from Registered Nurse to Executive Coach and Professor of Music, from the Founder of Progressive EFT™ to the client who made it the center of a new career, from bike riders and animal advocates to self-change devotees. There is something that pulls hearts and unites all of us: this amazing Progressive EFT™ tool. We are focused on growing this tool and sharing it with everyone we can. It tremendously impacts each of our lives, and we are committed to continue bringing this tool forward internationally and locally through our private practices and Institute training programs and workshops.


We all share a deep interest in humanity, the condition of the world we live in, and yes, we are part of the change we want to see!  We like chocolate and margaritas, getting lost in the woods, the latest spy thriller, growing roses in this crazy climate, and of course, the Marin Headlands. We are real people and we bring our personal experiences and professional background into the classroom with us.

Lindsay Kenny

Bill Dovel 

Vicki Hurst 

Tess Pierson 

Vicki Hurst’s career as a coach using her skills as a Certified Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner began with an epic serving of ‘stuck’ and one raging question…’why can’t I make this business work?!’  With that she began a two-year journey of self-discovery, and powerful tool of tapping showed up. Training and coaching others using the incredibly effective Pro EFT™ tool (tapping) has since became her the center of her work and career. Vicki has been coaching clients using Pro EFT™ since 2012.  She is a published author, contributing to Idaho Women Business Owners Success Stories , Urban Liaison Magazine, and has been featured in Idaho Women’s Journal. She blogs regularly about life’s challenges and answers to the big questions in life on the Pro EFT™ blog and her own blog.


You can find Vicki at www.EmotionalFreedomByVicki.com

Trainer, Certified Pro EFT™ Coach, Certified Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner, Executive Director PEI

Trainer, RN, Certified Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner

International Trainer of Trainers, EFT Founding Master,

Pro EFT™ Founder

For more than 35 years Lindsay Kenny has been helping people lose weight, improve their health, increase self esteem, find ideal partners and become more effective in life. Teaching her private-practice clients and Institute students innovative tapping processes is the focus of her career, and she feels helping people use tapping to deal with life’s many challenges has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding accomplishments of her life. In 2003, she established the National Alliance for Emotional Health—a place for the public to find resources for their emotional challenges. It has now widened its scope into the Pro EFT™ Institute--professional training, board certified practitioners, workshops, and much more ...worldwide. Lindsay brings a lifetime of business experience along with over 10,000 hours of coaching and training, and has developed a wealth of products and services to support her clients and students. Through her commitment, experience, and compassion, Lindsay continues to make a difference in the world, one person at a time as well as one class at a time.


You can find Lindsay at www.LifecoachingWithLindsay.com

Bill is a registered nurse with a specialty in psychiatry. On his quest to find techniques that really worked for his patients, he studied human behavior in more than thirty scientific disciplines before discovering EFT and then Progressive EFT™. This extensive knowledge base and experience illuminates his classroom presence and teaching style. Bill spent spent much of his adult life searching for the best ways to enjoy optimal health and happiness--and it turns out he was preparing to become a Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner and Trainer! His goals are simple: living a happy and healthy life, and developing the knowledge base to effectively assist others in doing the same. Bill focuses his continuing education requirements as an RN in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, psychiatry, psychology, and memory function.


You can find Bill at www.ProEFTCenter.com

Tess is a serial entrepreneur, and has been in just about every business she could think of, starting at age 9 when she persuaded the local newspaper to give her a paper route. She calls it short attention span theater, as she (usually) enjoys the gifts of ADHD. A business and executive coach for 14 years, she brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to her classroom work, connecting new ideas to specific experiences, systems dynamics, and creating custom systems around challenges that being in business bring. Almost 20 years ago, Tess went in search for something that would help make better sense out of this thing called life. She began with NLP, and swiftly moved on to Hellinger, EFT, and Progressive EFT™, among others. She currently puts the training programs together here at the Institute, and both trains and mentors students in the annual CPTP program. She has more than 5000 hours as a professional coach, co-creating with clients and training students. Tess coaches and trains using the 11 Core Competencies as outlined by the International Coaching Federation, and is a member of the ICF. Currently she is working on her first book.

Trainer of Trainers, Certified Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, Professional Certified Coach, PCC, CEO and Director of Training PEI

The Institute Training Team


Leslie Fox

Trainer, Certified Pro EFT™ Coach, Certifed Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner, Director of Customer Care PEI

Trainer, Certified Pro EFT™ Coach, Director of International Education PEI


Caryl Williams Love

As provided in California SB 577 (2002) covering complementary and alternative health care practitioners, the following information is provided: "Neither the Pro EFT™ Institute and the programs it offers nor those individuals involved in presenting the programs offered by the Pro EFT™ Institute are licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner."

Nicole Buehler

Trainer, Certified Pro EFT™ Coach

Born in Brazil, Nicole moved to Mexico at 4, Switzerland at 17 for university, and then made her way to the UK, Spain, China, + Hong Kong during her career in International Hospitality. Enriched by different cultures and perspectives, she noticed something critical: we are equal at the deepest levels; that love, trust, + respect are the values that bond us together. After disappointment at work + a difficult relationship, she needed new answers, and realized if she changed the way she looked at things, the things she looked at changed; that in order to shift perception + reality of the world, change must come from within; that making this world a better place and creating the life she wanted was a matter of careful choice; that making a strong personal internal commitment and then taking ownership for thoughts and actions was the key to her success. Nicole discovered Tapping, and that’s when real + deep change started. Tapping led her to Pro EFT™ + the CPTP Program, and she become a full time coach + entrepreneur. Nicole enjoys the fruits of her work: she moved home after living 17 years abroad, is happily building her coaching business, continuing professional development, and is engaged to the man of her dreams.