I think of you so often and how what you taught me serves my clients so well. I am so grateful for all the shortcuts -- especially Reversals -- that help me clear issues in one or two sessions instead of the 6 or 8 another Practitioner would take.


And the Golden Gate Technique is so amazingly effective. The ripple effect caused by the Pro EFT™ tapping techniques and innovations is immeasurable.


Do you ever think about that? With all the people you have taught, and the clients they've worked with, and the people they've taught the Pro EFT™ methods to, and the clients those people have worked with, and all the friends and family in between.... whew! It's really pretty mind-blowing.


Janet Hilts,

EFT Level 3 Practitioner

          The Practitioner's Intensive Training I attended this year  (2013) was an absolutely amazing experience! I was busy, tired, and overloaded with my life and thought I did not have time for the course. I had heard how great it was, though, so I decided to go ahead and attend.


The magic started from the beginning of day one. As I learned and practiced with classmates, deep inner healing started. By the end of the training, I felt totally re-empowered, recharged, and refreshed! I can't thank you enough for the love and support, as well as Pro EFT™ and my loving classmates! I recommend the program to everyone, regardless of your profession! I feel so blessed and grateful!  




Our Coaches and Practitioner's Training and Certification Program (CPTP) starts again in September 2018. This is a 180-hour, 12 month Program taught once a year, and is 25 days in total. Over 25 Progressive EFT™ techniques and tools are taught, along with the 11 Core Competencies of Coaching. The Program focus is on extraordinary personal and client results, and building your practice by co-creating the client relationship and mastering the client success skillset. You will learn at the experiential level, via live demonstrations and practice in small groups of two or three. We make sure there is sufficient time to practice what you are learning with over 40% of our classroom time dedicated to supervised practice with classmates. You may attend this Program either LIVE in person at our California campus near San Francisco, OR via our LIVE interactive online classroom for distance learners.

Your lifetime membership includes videos, Workshop recordings, your CPTP Program recordings, and is constantly being updated.


Reshape is another signature program Tess put together while addressing her own 50+ pound weight gain after her father died. Led by Tess, Vicki, and the other trainers. These are posted inside the Institute member site.

Opportunity to be featured in demo tapping vids that are posted on our Facebook page Power Tools for Tapping™ as well as our You Tube channel, also called Power Tools for Tapping™.

Another way we support your success as a Certifed Professional Pro EFT™ Coach after you complete the Program.


        I have taken countless workshops and classes in my life, and the Progressive EFT Practitioner’s Intensive was one of the very best.  Although I've studied and taught EFT for years, those nine days of learning and tapping taught me so much, and gave me many opportunities to work on my own issues.  It was an extraordinary, life-changing and life-affirming experience.  I highly recommend it!


Dr. Kiya Immergluck

EFT Coach & Trainer,

Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner

Kiya says...

Study Group

6 Reconnect Money Masterclasses

We continue to support your success after you are done with the CPTP Program by helping you get your name and work out there into the world. Our monthly Institute blog | vlog is all about featuring a recent CPTP grad and what you're doing in your client work and other areas of your business success. Topics are chosen by our CMO, and you are encouraged to showcase your skill mastery.

12 Business Masterclasses

Reconnect is our signature bi-annual intensive money workshop, led by Tess, Vicki, and the other trainers, and attended by many past students every single time we teach it. These are posted inside the Institute member site.

Recorded sessions of all 11 training Modules

Sometimes you just need a review or replay of a certain demo to fully understand and grasp it. We make sure you have that opportunity to review, try it again, review, and master the tool. These are posted inside the Institute member site.

The Practicum is designed to get you used to coaching while being observed and evaluated (so your Board Certification is not the first time you are being evaluated and observed during a live session, which turns out to super critical), mentor and be mentored by your peer group. Led by your Program Teaching Assistants, it is 12 sessions, and starts in Mod 8. These are recorded for your reference, and posted inside the Institute member site.

Mentor Sessions  

Twelve live meetings led by your three Program Trainers: one each month for each module.  Each is designed to get you into your support group, asking questions, trying your new skill set out, with tool demos by your trainers, best practices with clients, and live Q+A. These MasterMinds are recorded for your reference, and posted inside the Institute member site.

Monthly MasterMind

Coaching Trades

Twelve trades, a new one each month, designed to get you working and experienced in the widest array of client work while inside the Program, as well as make sure you get the coaching hours needed to sit for Board Certification. You will coach each student in the Program, as well as be coached by each student in the Program. Since these are student sessions, you and your coach|coachee decide to record or not.

Online Business + Marketing Library  

This amazing resource was first created by Lindsay all the way back in 2008, and is continually added to and updated by our trainers and students. It includes coaching forms, client forms, business forms, marketing pieces, shortcuts, apps we recommend to run your business, you name it. A few website templates so you can get your site up fast. These are posted inside the Institute member site.

Coaching Practicum

This is the Get Your Practice Started Program that you need. We used to train it inside the CPTP, and two years ago separated it out into it’s own program. Just because you know how to use tapping with clients, it doesn't mean you know anything at all about being a successful business person! Tons of tools, demos, and exercises inside, that take you from the very beginning of starting your biz to how to network to how to use your calendar to everything else we needed and didn't have when we were starting our own practices. Taught by Tess, Vicki, and other experts we brought in to coach our students in business. These are posted inside the Institute member site.

Dana says...

Janet says...

Meena says... 

           Having just finished the first ever Progressive EFT™ Level 4 training course, I knew I must write my thoughts down regarding the journey I've recently been on.  


Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master and wonderful trainer and coach, developed exciting innovations with Pro EFT™.  She took EFT and gave it such a boost! The Pro EFT™ processes and techniques make tapping an even more effective tool for people to use to make shifts in their lives, as well as make those shifts if they choose to get Certified and use it in their practices.


When I first heard Lindsay speak on one of the first Tapping World Summits, I was struck by her presence but didn’t really follow her closely after that.  


Fast forward a few months to a huge roadblock that came up on a big project.  After doing research to find a protocol or tool that might help, I landed on Youtube and found Lindsay’s video about Reversals™.  Turns out that was precisely the tool I was looking for!  Literally, within a couple of hours, I made the shifts I needed, and moved forward full speed on my project.  


I’ve been a raving fan of Lindsay’s ever since.  I am currently taking   ALL of the Pro EFT™ programs as well as the Board Certification program, and I'm on track to enter the Master Practitioner’s program in 2016, which is very exciting for my career as a coach.


I know I am learning from a Master at the top of her game, and am eternally indebted to Lindsay for all I have been able to learn from her, and the way it has affected my life.  


Thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsay Kenny for taking what you learned and bringing it to the world!


Vicki Hurst

Life Coach

Certified Pro EFT™ Practitioner

            After careful research, I sought the best EFT training and teachers, and traveled to California to learn from EFT Master Lindsay Kenny.


I was deeply impressed with Lindsay’s innovative use of EFT, which she has developed into Pro EFT™. It offers both structured and simplified processes, essentially a blueprint to work with a variety of issues, simple to complex, which yield the most positive results efficiently.


Pro EFT™ works beautifully with my goal oriented focus and desire for clients to experience results, quickly.


Meena Ramaswami,


Certified Pro EFT™ Practitioner

Vicki says...


As provided in California SB 577 (2002) covering complementary and alternative health care practitioners, the following information is provided: "Neither the Pro EFT™ Institute and the programs it offers nor those individuals involved in presenting the programs offered by the Pro EFT™ Institute are licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner."

Ten live one on one sessions with your Program Mentor. All Program Mentors are trainers in your Program. This is your opportunity to ask questions about your coaching, listen to, evaluate, and discuss a current client session, try out a new tool, discuss your personal and professional goals, et al. These are recorded for your reference.

Twelve live meetings led by your three Program Teaching Assistants, one each month. Our teaching assistants are Certified Pro EFT™ Coaches, and are asked to come back to support the next Program cohort, and add their expertise and experience into the current Program. These Study Group meetings are recorded for your reference, and posted inside our Institute member site, where all your recordings live.

8 Reshape Weight Loss Masterclasses

Lifetime Membership in our Progressive EFT™ training and member site

Blogging | Vlogging Opportunity

Power Tools for Tapping™ and You Tube vids on our PT4T channel

Lifetime Membership on the Find A Coach Directory