Join us for (re)SHAPE, a life-changing, two-day workshop to release everything standing between you and your goal weight—the reasonable way, the possible way, the way that actually works without making you crazy and deprived and sad and shamed. Imagine… the freedom to live your life on your terms. The energy to keep up with your kids and grandkids (if they can keep up with you). Fitting in to your skinny jeans again. And, yes, feeling smokin' in the body you haven't seen in quite awhile.


Let’s make it happen. We’ll work together as a big group, break it down to dyads and triads, work with TA’s and 1-on-1—all while annihilating the fat holding you back. Don’t wait another year to live the life you want, in the body you want. Join us live at our Alameda, California training classroom—or live from your own personal training classroom—and make 2018 the year your body enjoys the (re)SHAPE.


Ready to dump the weight for good? Make eating enjoyable again? Get rid of the shame? Most of all—live your life, FINALLY? Join us and let's get it done already.


We designed this workshop to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your career, your business, and then connect you to your real talent, your real resources.


We mean business and we mean money—your business and your money. We’re going to hit the ground running, use our most powerful tools—from NLP to Pro EFT™ to maybe even a bit of Family Constellation thrown in for good measure.


We will work in a big group together, break down into dyads and triads, work 1-on-1, work with TA’s, all the while drilling down down down to you you you, charting your course and getting rid of what is standing in your way. When you finish this workshop, you’ll leave—not only with a pretty sweet bag of tools—but with your inner GPS primed for success as well as an action plan for your best year yet. A total career and money makeover for the cost of a latte a week. Hello.


Don’t wait another hour to take charge and live the life you want. Join us live in our Alameda, California Training Center OR online for an incredible weekend of kicking ass and making 2018 the year of I Finally Get What I Want With My Money | Career | Business.

tap yourself slim and strong! 


A powerful, two-day Workshop to give you the tools you need to pinpoint what you want, annihilate what’s in the way, and actually (this stinking time) make it happen!


get yourself into the green

The cost for (re)Connect is $495. In the spirit fresh starts, determination and focus, we’re offering you a better deal.

SUPER EARLY BIRD price is $345

until 05/15/18

25 spots—this workshop always sells out



Saturday +  Sunday, 9.00am – 6pm PST


LOCATION Alameda CA + livestream

Details + logistics are sent once you register

TRAINER Tess Pierson

Vickie says... 

       I absolutely LOVED the workshop in San Francisco...best workshop I've ever attended anywhere, anytime.


I love the deep dedication and devotion to Pro EFT™ and helping fellow human beings that the whole training team shares...


Lindsay, your sense of humor is fantastic and your tapping skills are amazing!


Cassy O.

Q2 2018 Compass Series: Beyond the Resolutions™


Ready to dump the weight for good? Make eating enjoyable again?

Most of all—live your life, finally?

Q4 2018 Compass Series: Beyond the Resolutions™


enough is enough: stop the crazy juggling act already! 

Done with punishing starvation diets (or depriving yourself)? The stress and frustration of yo-yo dieting? Most of all, all the things you’re missing out on in life? So are we. And there’s a better way. During this powerful workshop, we will give you all the tools you need to (re)SHAPE yourself from the inside out. You will claim your goal weight, release everything standing in the way, and have a plan to get there—your way.

Finally, the solution to yo-yo dieting—always up or down—and all the frustration that goes with it.


COST $495

SUPER EARLY BIRD price is $345

until 11:59pm PST 05/15/18

25 spots—this workshop always sells out

DATES in September TBA  

Friday thru Sunday, 9.00am – 6pm PST

LOCATION Alameda CA and livestream

Details and logistics are sent once you register

TRAINER Tess Pierson, + TBA

November 2018, more info coming soon

Act purposefully in your life to accomplish your dreams and goals


Please check out the list below, and scroll down to find the Masterclass or Workshop you are interested in attending. If you have questions about a specific Masterclass or Workshop, there are links under each description to the main page for that program. Questions? Feel free to give us a call--we are delighted to answer them!


If you are looking for the schedule or theme for one of our Monthly 60 minute Masterclasses that are live with Tess, Vicki, Bill, and the other PEI trainers (and very occasionally Lindsay), you can find it in the newsletter we send out once a week or so, usually on Sunday. We send out the schedule and topic for the new call, as well as the link in it. You can sign up for the newsletter on our home page or on the Start Tapping Now page.

A Masterclass is a 60 to 90 minute class on one topic that is live and interactive in one of our online classrooms. Depending on the topic and trainer, they can be a standalone class or a series. Spring 2017 we did a 5 part Masterclass called Supercharge Your Finances™ that Tappers couldn't seem to get enough of! Masterclasses are taught by our Board Certified Pro EFT™ Master Practitioners or Board Certified Pro EFT™ Coaches, and are typically free of charge.


A Workshop is anywhere from 1 day to 4 days in length, and either live in person or live interactive in one of our online classrooms. The trainer for the Workshop decides that format. If in person only, it is held at our training facility in the San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda to be precise). Workshops are not free of charge.


The Workshops listed on our site are taught by one of our Pro EFT™ Trainers, or another expert in their field. For instance, Matrix Reimprinting and Hellinger / Family Constellation cover such important topics that we've arranged for outside experts to come to the Institute and train them.


As provided in California SB 577 (2002) covering complementary and alternative health care practitioners, the following information is provided: "Neither the Pro EFT™ Institute and the programs it offers nor those individuals involved in presenting the programs offered by the Pro EFT™ Institute are licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner."

Q1 2018 4 days of Matrix Reimprinting™ + Advanced Practitioner Tools

Joanne says... 

    I attended the Advanced tools workshop in Toronto (as well as the MR course the 2 days before). I loved both workshops and thought that Karin was an excellent facilitator. One thing I really liked about the workshop was watching the demo about healing multiple echos at once, and then getting an opportunity to practice that with a partner (who reported the process was very powerful for her!). I also found the meta-medicine section to be extremely fascinating. It’s so great that Karin offers so many additional training resources!


Joanne Masiokas

Join us live in the San Francisco Bay Area for our annual training weekend! 

Matrix Reimprinting™ is a collection of cutting-edge techniques created by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It combines EFT with understandings from epigenetic and quantum science, to create RAPID personal change. It is noted for its ability to quickly transform our relationship to our past, creating shifts in our emotional and physical well-being in the present.

Matrix Primer, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners' Course AND Advanced Tools for Tough Cases

Attend all four days at a discount! Early bird pricing until January 15, 2018

DATES: February 16-19, 2018, Alameda, CA

9:30-6pm (1-2:30 lunch, mid-morning and mid-afternoon short breaks)

YOU GET: 4 hours of EFT for Matrix online training, 13 CE hours

Approved CE provider for NASW and NCBTMB

PLEASE NOTE: If you are certified in EFT, you can get a discount on this class - please contact Karin at info@howtotap.com




      Karin has an unique way of teaching. In three days there was never a dull moment, she was engaging, creative, hilarious, and full of interesting stories and lessons. I walked away from this course with confidence that I had enough knowledge and enough support to get started on making this my livelihood. I would most certainly take any other course that Karin offers as she is a master at her craft and knows exactly how to transfer those skills to her students.


Julie Hilson

Julie says... 

Karin Davidson

DAY ONE: Matrix Primer

DATE: Friday, February 16, 2018, Alameda, CA

The Matrix Primer ensures that you have the strongest foundation possible in the EFT needed for Matrix Reimprinting and the foundational concepts behind Matrix Reimprinting, so that you get the most out of your Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner's Course.  

What we cover:

Which EFT skills are needed in Matrix Reimprinting

The differences between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

How Matrix Reimprinting was created

The science supporting Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting live demonstration

The importance of the Gamut Point

Foundations for utilizing Matrix Reimprinting

What you safely can and can't change in the Matrix

DAYS TWO + THREE: Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner's Course

DATE: Saturday + Sunday, February 17 + 18, 2018, Alameda, CA

13 CE hours

Approved CE provider for NASW and NCBTMB

Matrix Reimprinting is:

Easy to use and gentle on clients

Quickly finds core issues, related trauma and beliefs

Locates pre-conscious trauma (pre 6 years) often beyond clients awareness and conscious memory

Allows client driven reframes and cognitive shifts thus preventing projection

Goes beyond EFT, creates positive beliefs

Works on dissociated clients with no SUDS levels

Successful with non visual clients or who have difficulty with imagination

Allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained from past events

Sends a message to the body/cells/DNA the trauma is over

Resources the client and rewrites the perception and negative impact of the past

Naturally utilizes the law of attraction in a very powerful way

DAY FOUR: Advanced Session Tools for Tough Cases

DATE: Monday, February 19th, 2017, Alameda, CA


"The tools Karin teaches on this last day can be used immediately and will deepen your understanding of EFT/MR; These techniques will make your skills more effective in allowing deeper and faster positive changes in your clients. It is only my first week back and I’m already using these additional tools. The tools have included “You ARE in Charge of your Emotions”, “Energy Movement”, “Timeline Access,” “Messages From the Body,” “Muscle Testing to find a Core Event,” and more. Thank you, Karin. Please let practitioners know how important this last day is.”

-From student Brian Lynch, MS, CCHT, Cert Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Cassy says...

Q3 2018 Compass Series: Beyond the Resolutions™